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Online Sino-API intelligence

A Brychem - WiCON International joint publication
Continuously updated online database

Have you ever wanted to know which companies REALLY produce APIs and their intermediates in China? Perhaps you are frustrated by databases that just contain lists of trading companies and/or out-of-date information ? Then look no further .......

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In January 2006, Brychem agreed to set up a partnership to gather information on the production of APIs and intermediates in China with its long-time associate, WiCON International. Founded by James Shen, Beijing-based WiCON International has been reporting on the Chinese pharmaceutical industry since the late 1980s. The result of this collaboration has been the appointment of a team of dedicated researchers that is compiling SNAPI (developed as 'PCB-C') - the first properly researched guide to this sector of the global API industry.

Features include:

  • Online access, with monthly updates
  • Hundreds of carefully produced company profiles and contact information
  • Lists thousands of APIs and intermediates and which companies make them
  • Regulatory compliance: DMFs, COSs and other international certifications

  • Search by API or by intermediate (common name or CAS number)
  • Search by company name, province in China

  • Display / print comprehensive company profiles