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Brychem regularly works with a carefully selected group of associate consultants. These associates have complementary skills and are located around the globe. This enables Brychem to deliver a wide range of projects using people with the right background and experience. By working with associates, the projects undertaken can be adequately resourced to deliver results on time at moderate prices, since costs are kept low by the use of this flexible approach to staffing. An alphabetic listing of Brychem's Associates follows; click on consultants' names for more details:

Dr Maris Bite  megabyte_data   (UK)
Database specialist and web applications designer
e-mail: megabyte_data@compuserve.com

Dr Rob Bryant  Agranova   (UK)
Agrochemicals consultancy and information services
e-mail: rob@agranova.co.uk

Dr Rob Bryant  Brychem Business Consulting   (UK)
Chemicals, fine chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates consultant
e-mail: rob@brychem.co.uk

Cropnosis Ltd  (UK)
Cropnosis is a leading provider of market research and cosultancy services in the crop protection and biotechnology sectors
e-mail: gautam.sirur@cropnosis.com

Gary Johnson  (USA)
Pharmaceutical and fine chemical plant: design and construction services
e-mail: infostrat@mindspring.com

Barbara Kimber  Kimber Consulting   (UK)
Chemical and food industry market studies
e-mail: kimberconsult@compuserve.com

Dr László Kovács  InFarmatik   (Hungary)
Hungarian pharmaceutical and Russian chemical industry market research. Combinatorial chemistry.
e-mail: lackova@mail.datanet.hu

Rod Parker  Agricultural Information Services (A.I.S. Ltd.)   (UK)
Non-crop applications of agrochemicals
e-mail: rodparker@aisglobal.net

Jan Ramakers  Jan Ramakers Fine Chemicals Consulting Group   (UK)
Fine chemicals and life sciences intermediates specialist; publisher of the 'Fine Chemicals Benchmarking Service'.
e-mail: J.Ramakers@Jan-Ramakers.com

James Shen  WiCON International Group / Pharma China   (USA)
Chinese pharmaceutical industry
e-mail: jshen@pharmachinaonline.com

Jenny Wang  Agranova, Brychem, Development Chemicals Ltd   (China)
Regional business research manager
e-mail: jennyw.snapi@gmail.com