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Recent projects

  • In 2007, Brychem carried out a market survey of the world's chemical, fine chemical and speciality chemical industries and their interconnections for an Asian chemical company that needed to develop a better perspective of where new opportunities might be found.

  • Undertook a review of the demand, the manufacturers and process technologies used to make the world's most important antiretroviral drugs. This entailed many plant visits to Indian and Chinese producers.

  • Pre-due and due-diligence studies on several agrochemical companies and one major European group have been undertaken for companies looking to make acquisitions in the multibillion dollar range.

  • Detailed reviews of the producers, manufacturing processes, cost economics of glyphosate have been undertaken for several companies, each with differing interests in the results. This has provided Brychem with an unusually well-informed understanding of the world's biggest selling agrochemical. It has also necessitated visiting all the major pesticide producers in China.

  • Retained by a small pharmaceutical company to assist in its outsourcing of active ingredients and key intermediates and advise on its choice of contract service providers.

  • Brychem's unusual background in the manufacture and sale of prostaglandins, peptides, amino acids and controlled drugs (CPS, morphine, codeine, hydrocodone and several others) has enabled it to carry out many projects in these difficult areas,

  • Retained on a long term basis by an Asian fine chemical R&D group to identify pharmaceutical intermediates for development and introduce the company to potential customers.

  • Carried out a review of an important food additive for a major Japanese company in order to assist in its assessment of its investment potential.

  • Detailed market studies for the production of a number of bulk actives have been undertaken: examples of worldwide studies include those on alprostadil, captorpil, paroxetine, latanoprost, nevirapine and zidovudine, ACE-inhibitors in China and India, cimetidine in Japan and China, ranitidine in India, Chinese markets for interferons.

  • Manufacturing profiles for many pharmaceutical active ingredients have been written: acyclovir, amprenavir, captopril, cimetidine, ciprofloxacin, diclofenac, enalapril, famotidine, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, lamivudine, lisinopril, metoprolol, nabumetone, naproxen, nifedipine, omeprazole, sumatriptan, ranitidine, trovafloxacin, zidovudine.

  • Offered continuing assistance to a major European fine chemical company in developing its expertise in new technical areas, particularly in the area of chiral chemistry.

  • Retained by an Asian fine chemical company to study the market for a group of specialised chiral intermediates, so that it could improve its performance in a competitive market.

  • Retained by a European producer of bulk pharmaceuticals to develop a better understanding of the Indian and Chinese fine chemical markets. Particular emphasis was placed on identifying suitable manufacturing partners.

  • Evaluation of the production and applications of a number of fluorinated fine chemicals being used in a range of different end-use industries for a Japanese company.

  • Assisted a number of European biotech companies in managing their chemical outsourcing activities, including acting as an interim project manager.

  • Worldwide review of the producers and manufacturing processes of the six high performance sweeteners sold in Europe. Companies in Europe, Asia and the USA were visited.

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